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About Track Blue Dart is launched with the mission to provide a most simplified and user-friendly way for online tracking BlueDart parcels and consignments. This is such a simple, lightweight and user-friendly website that even a students of first class standard can use it easily.

To track your Blue Dart consignment just visit, enter your tracking number/waybill number/ref number and press track button. status of the consignment will be displayed immediately. No need to enter captcha and no extra steps, just enter your tracking number and get the results. Your consignment tracking details are available on our website the moment Bluedart update their system after your booking. Which means as soon as you get your booking receipt and BlueDart enters it in their system, you can start tracking it.

You can even use to validate your shipment records on your mobile while you are travelling because the user interface is mobile device compatible. BlueDart contact details are also provided on so in case of any enquiry/complaint, you can get the contact details from this site immediately and contact customer care on the go.

We will also store your tracking number in the cache first time you enter it for tracking and next time you can select the tracking number by just entering first character of your tracking number. This means that till your consignment is delivered you can track the status all the time by just typing one single character. Isn't it simple!
BlueDart Tracking Simplified !!!

Note - We are not related to Blue Dart in any way, we just provide the tracking service using third party APIs
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